About LawnTech


A lawn fertilization company that provides a personalized, scientifically broken down lawn fertilization and pest treatment plan was the inspiration that drove our founders, Jason Wynne and Adam Jones (both native to the Shreveport Louisiana area) to form LawnTech. Together, with well over 30 years combined experience in the green industry, they designed an 8 step lawn fertilization and maintenance program. A program that when taken full advantage of, will revive your patchy, weed riddled, diseased, or insect infested yard to a healthy, vibrant outdoor living space. In designing this process, the team kept in mind that no two lawns are identical, thus insuring we are prepared to deal with each individual customer and address their concerns.


Not only does LawnTech offer lawn fertilization; we also offer ant, flea, and tick control. Pests such as ant are the most common insect infestation problem in our area. Families and pets benefit from the pest control treatment formulated into our 6 step lawn fertilization program.

As we all know, mosquitoes have been a rising issue for concern in recent years. This areas warm, moist climate provides the ideal breeding grounds for these tiny nuisances. Did you know mosquitoes are actually the deadliest animals on Earth? It has been determined that mosquitoes cause more deaths by transmission of diseases such as Zika, West Nile Virus, Meningitis, as well as many others, than any other animal on our planet. Given these factors, mosquitoes pose a very real threat to the families in our area. Keep in mind, humans are not the only victims of these pests as it is well known that mosquitoes are the cause of heartworms in our canine family members. Lawntech provides the solution with our barrier fogging technology. We provide routine barrier spraying of your yards entire perimeter that allows your family to enjoy a mosquito free environment. We also provide this service for large outdoor events such as weddings, birthday parties, crawfish boils, etc. without signing a long term contract.

LawnTech offers free estimates for all of its services and our team guarantees you and your family the best program to meet your individual needs.

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